Product Development

Development: Insufficient partnership dialogue is really a serious obstacle that frequently arises between your customer and also the outsourcing team. Because there are not necessarily specialists around the client-side who understand the “inner kitchen” of development, the entire process of developing a product frequently happens to be a blind place for that customer. The organization only hopes the budget won’t burn up, and also the finished result is going to be in conjunction with the idea. That’s the reason you should choose developers who’re ready to have an open dialogue, who’ll talk at length about all of the intricacies of the approaching project, and can operate in a framework familiar to the customer.

The introduction of an effective IT method is an intricate multistage process with numerous mandatory stages, most of which will go in parallel. It’s important to note that software development firms define the stages of a product diversely, and here it is crucial that the operation is completely transparent to the customer.

What exactly will the IT product existence cycle contain? Let’s consider the development path with observance of the prerequisites for acquiring quality products:



Product Development

At this time, the client and also the outsourcing team determine the goals to become achieved during development, fix business tasks, user needs, etc. This method happens inside a dialogue format, the participation of both sides is essential here. Sometimes the client might not be conscious of a few of the how to go about the product and can turn out while collecting information.

Project evaluation

The collected information is examined as well as on their basis an item model is produced that’s equally understandable to both customers and also the developer. Next, the preliminary time and labor costs needed to produce the merchandise are calculated. The best choice is really a presentation that describes at length the work assessment, possible risks, they for focusing on the work, various choices for applying tasks, conditions, stages along with other details.


Many mistakenly think that design is just concerning the visual part. Actually, design accounts for shaping the consumer experience. Will the consumer feel at ease? How rapidly is he going to orient themself and discover what he needs? Is he going to have the ability to rapidly have your call answered towards the question and can he wish to return again? Quite simply, the clearer the interface of the IT product, the simpler it’s for that user to obtain the result and carry out the target action. All of this depends upon the caliber of UX / UI.


This stage requires the implementation of the customer’s ideas already formalized into practical steps. The perfect format is a rise in sprints. The outsourcing team, in compliance using the project map, performs the job and shows the client caused by each part. The rise in the sprint format works and is efficient since it enables you to definitely rapidly collect feedback, and react to changes making changes. This method is dependent on an agile methodology and it is known as iterative.


Testing an application product is among the most significant stages while its development because prior to the presentation of something new to consumers, a business should be 100% sure that it’ll work. Therefore, it’s so vital that you identify critical bugs over time, look into the functionality of the product, conduct a complete analysis and implement strategies for improvement.


Dealing with an outsourced team of developers ought to be convenient and efficient, so the option of an IT partner ought to be contacted with all of the responsibility. Even in the presale stage, you are able to figure out how appropriate the developer is perfect for you, whether he likes you the customer, how competent the contractor’s specialists are, how rapidly the contractor reacts to your wishes, and whose interests are a priority for him – your company or their own.

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