Domo Platform

Domo Platform All kinds of companies have lots of data associated with a full day-to-day functioning like website traffic statistics, logistics management, researching the market statistics, customer contact details, and e-mail marketing details. If this information is examined through strategies and technologies for improved operational performance, it’s called business intelligence. Various software programs are used for this function, such as the Domo platform. It’s a mobile, cloud-based operating platform that brings together people, data, and software in one spot for a digitally connected business.

If you wish to know of the Domo platform, listed here are its benefits and features.

Domo Platform


What is Domo?

Domo may be the only cloud-based outlet that integrates data integration, real-some time, and predictive research while delivering a basis to create your apps. It entirely transforms the way your employees along with other stakeholders access, use, and share information. Connecting your computer data to Domo is very easy, out of the box developing visualization of this data and discussing it with other people. It offers 4 primary features: data integration, business intelligence and analytics, intelligent apps, and embedded analytics. All these are hugely beneficial for the business.

How can your business benefit from it?

Domo allows you to integrate, interpret and employ data to create informed choices inside your business. It features a flexible and scalable architecture that boosts the existing data warehouses, data ponds, and BI tools. You may also make data readily available inside your organization by enabling BI and analytics access into the hands of users. An additional advantage is creating intelligent applications that automate workflows, allow instant responses, and finally, execute them. Using Domo, you are able to transform raw data into easily understandable data tales that ultimately result in improved decision-making.

You may also embed analytics inside your website, thus which makes them open to customers using the located Domo analytics environments. Further, your clients may even edit the information you tell them, create visualizations and let value generation. You may also access your computer data anywhere and anytime out of your iOS or android Domo apps.

What makes it so unique?

A few things result in the Domo platform not being the same as other similar platforms. One of these simple is it works with the infrastructure already in position. You don’t have to exchange or increase your present system and could be linked to your overall tools like data warehouses, data ponds, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and ETL tools. You may also access data from the system linked to Domo Platform without movement or transfer, query data directly, and alter the original system without having affected users linked to your company. All this can help you manage data access, quality, governance, and integration.

Which industries find it helpful?

Domo Platform can be used by a number of industries, including existing sciences, media retail, education, manufacturing, expertise, media and entertainment, hospitality, and transportation. Some departments across various companies that think it is very useful are CEOs, sales, finance, operations, services, marketing, and BI.

Is it secure?

Domo is perhaps the most secure cloud-based data analytics platform that you will ever find. Its built-in security infrastructure includes features like:

● Multiple logical security layers.

● Threat assessments.

● Extensive logging and monitoring of networks.

● Transport layer encryption.

Thus, they are ways that Domo could be highly advantageous for the business. Using its data integration, embedded analytics, business intelligence, and embedded apps feature Domo Platform is definitely an asset for the company. Its number of improvements helps to ensure that you rapidly, effectively, and efficiently take advantage of informed decisions.

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