7 Deadly SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid And How to Avoid Them

SMS marketing mistakes

SMS Marketing Mistakes: Having a rate of conversion of 45%, SMS marketing is crushing other types of marketing and delivering a powerful message to marketers. SMS may be the new trend because our email inboxes are super crowded, and social networking is excessively noisy.

There is nothing simpler than communicating via text longer.


One misstep, as well as your SMS advertising campaign, fails. There are many SMS marketing mistakes that may have career-ending effects.

So, to enable you to be careful when confronted with SMS, listed here are 9 deadly mistakes in SMS marketing, and tips from experts at BSG regarding how to prevent them (Source).

1. Failing to Personalize

Among the finest SMS marketing mistakes to prevent is speaking to everybody as if these were exactly the same. Personalization is really an ace in the hole with SMS, due to the personal touch which goes with texting.

SMS marketing mistakes

The answer, make use of an SMS marketing service like BSG World, which enables obvious and concise segmentation of the audience based on census. You can now send bulk texts to those small chunks of the audience, making every effort to speak with them personally.

2. Omitting a Call-to-Action

What’s the point of a text without a call-to-action? A waste of time!

Omitting a clear call-to-action at the end of your message is a deadly sin to commit with SMS because you’ll see no returns.

Here are a few options you can use:

  • Call us now at [number].
  • Send us a reply at [number]
  • Send “Love music” to this code [short code], or
  • Visit our website at [url]
  • Click here to place your order [url]

3. Overusing Text Messaging

Yep, consumers would like you to text… but my own mail you to definitely inflate their phone with marketing messages. One message per week may be an excessive amount for many customers.

It was a large trap for a lot of marketing campaigns that went wrong.

A significant text every two days approximately is a superb option to choose, but you can consider using a couple of choices to see the things that work for the audience.

4. Sending messages without permission:

A crime that may finish your marketing career! slot gacor gampang menang Delivering marketing messages to consumers without their permission isn’t just annoying, but it is also illegal. Prior to going texting, make certain they’ve signed up.

Because of this, why do you need to construct your email list. A Messaging service like BSG world incorporates widgets that allow people to opt directly into your list using your website.

5. Omit an unsubscribe button

Failing to add an unsubscribe button is also annoying and illegal. You want to make sure that customers can opt-out whenever they want to.

You can add lines like:

Send “STOP” to opt out.

6. Send a boring message

You can’t bore customers into buying, every marketer is aware of this. The worst marketing campaigns are individuals that provide nothing. Your marketing messages should have something interesting to provide for your customers and allow it to be worth their while.

SMS open minute rates are at 98% because individuals are frequently anxious to spread out up their messages. Make sure that clients are excited every time they obtain a text out of your brand.

7. Failing to offer something – Focusing on selling

SMS isn’t just about sales, you should offer more. Of course, you want to talk about the latest arrivals, special offers, discounts, special announcements, etc. But you can also use SMS for more:

  • Ask for feedback
  • Conduct interesting polls on how to improve your service
  • Share tips

Final thoughts

For apparent reasons, SMS is prospering. It’s your decision to reply to the requirements of the customers, who’re now seeking texts. Use SMS right by carefully staying away from the above-mentioned SMS marketing blunders, and you will see amazing results.